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With an average number of 30,000 websites hacked every day, you need to protect your website.

We develop tons of websites in WordPress. It’s built with the end-user in mind: it’s simple to upload new content, edit your articles, and add new pages on the fly. There are other platforms you can choose when deciding to build your website, but WordPress is our favorite.

WordPress is an open source platform, which means the software is freely distributed and developed at no cost to the end-user. The fantastic thing about it is that it’s constantly being improved, and you never have to pay for software upgrades. There’s a huge WordPress community out there, and you can find free plugins to extend the functionality of your website. You can use only the features your site needs and eliminate unneeded features, which can bloat your code and make your website load slower.

The WordPress Codex recommends that you backup your database, and disable your plugins before updating your WordPress version. That way, if anything does go wrong you can restore your website to exactly where it was before the upgrade. The not-so-nice thing about ANY website is you will get hacked one day. And when that happens, it’ll be on the day you have your website featured in the newspaper, or you have a web special, or you got your article published in the New York Times. Murphy’s Law.

WordPress Monthly Maintenance Includes:

Off-site database backups | Repair ongoing syntax errors | Monitor downtime
Daily security checks | Performance reviews | WordPress version updates | WordPress plugin updates

We don’t rely solely on automation. Although we do set up automated backups, we review your site to be sure it’s running the way it should be. We optimize your database and make sure we have a local copy, as well as a copy on a secure cloud server. We download every piece of information that makes your site your site, and we check our work.

We do it so you don’t have to.

If your site is compromised, our monthly fee includes restoring your website or blog.

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