E-Commerce & Shopping Carts

Do you have a product to sell? You need to get it on the web.

Online sales have exploded over the past ten years. What was once a novelty – ordering a pair of jeans or some office supplies from an online store – is now the preferred shopping method for many customers. In a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, online sales were projected to grow by 60% through 2014, totaling approximately $249 billion and 8% of all retail sales (US Web retail sales to reach $249 billion by 2014-study). And even though online sales have been hit hard by the recession, they have still outperformed traditional “in-store” sales.


Selling through an online store can result in lower transaction costs (increased automation) and larger purchases per transaction (product accessories / suggested buys). It also allows you to give your customers something they’ve come to expect: the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

Selling online can also lead to improved communication with your customers, as they receive email order confirmations at the point of sale, on the shipping date, and follow-up customer satisfaction queries. An informed customer is a happy customer.

We Can Help

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar retailer or just an individual with a dream looking to sell a t-shirt or two, we can provide e-commerce solutions that will fit your business model and stay within your budget.

We can help you configure a self-hosted system, completely customized and tailored to your business. Or we can help you integrate your website with a hosted solution – working within the established database structure of a third party e-commerce provider.