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Cecily Jones Tutoring

By April 27, 2012Testimonials

After working at the corporate test company and realizing my worth I knew it was time to branch-out on my own. But to do so I knew I had to be legit. To me that meant having a high-quality website that reflected what I do and was on par with industry standards.

San Clemente Website Design and I discussed how my site would compare to those of my competitors, things like: what kind of image I wanted to project, what resources to include, what stock photos to use and how much or how little copy to use. They were always available to listen to my ideas and came to the table with great ideas of their own.

Basically, I told them what I wanted and they just “got it” pretty quickly. There were no endless meetings, yet I got the impression SCWD would have done whatever they needed to do to give me a website I would love. I couldn’t have asked for a better website. I get so many more referrals now and I have a place for people to get detailed information about my tutoring.

Cecily Jones