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Sheri Geoffreys Corporate Photography

By July 1, 2012November 11th, 2013Client Spotlight

Photographing what you are passionate about is essential in creating top-notch imagery,” says Sheri. “My passion is with corporate photography.”

Geoffreys’ innovative approach has earned her a sterling reputation with clients throughout Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. She instinctively brings out the best in people through her images.

Back in 1999, just six weeks after the birth of her first child, Sheri was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. During that nine-month battle with cancer, Sheri reflected on her life and took the life-shift as an opportunity to get in touch with her true interests and passions. On the top of her list was photography.

“I had always loved photography and carried a camera with me all the time, but it wasn’t until I had cancer that I decided to got to college to learn how to manually take a proper photo and there my love and passion for photography formed. Then it accidentally turned into a business!”

During those courses in traditional B&W Film Photography she found her passion in taking pictures of people. It was there she learned she’s got a natural artistic eye and a true technical talent. And that combined with her advanced retouching skills brings her images full circle. With her persistence and the guidance of mentors, She developed her own artistic style.

“I’m attracted to clean lines and modern looks,” Sheri said. “I put a lot of emphasis on the most suitable use of lighting-manipulating it just right to cast the perfect shadows in the ideal locations.”

Word spread quickly about her talents and soon she had a sizable clientele list based solely on referrals. Sheri Geoffreys Photography officially opened in September 2000.

She says her battle with cancer was actually the best thing to ever happen to her, besides having my children. “It has paved the way to so many amazing things in my life besides photography, I now do triathlons, I’m getting back into skiing, and I love to lead a very healthy life style. It really created the space for me to have a different perspective that is more in touch with myself and others.”

Philanthropy is another biggie on her list. Geoffreys supports numerous charity foundations including the Heart Gallery, Girls Incorporated, C.A.S.A and one she personally founded,

In the book On Purpose, profiles some of Orange County’s most accomplished leaders and community service advocates, and the philanthropic causes they support. It is Geoffrey’s hope that with the book will educate and inspire greater involvement, and supporting the next generation of philanthropic leaders.

“In 2008, we established the “On Purpose” Scholarship to recognize and cultivate purpose driven young adults to help create a better place in our community, home life and work environments,” says Geoffreys. “We hope the “On Purpose” scholarship will inspire young adults in Orange County to act with a positive purpose in all that they do, in their school, their personal life, their future careers and in their community for the good of all.”
She credits many people, places and things with shaping her career. In photography specifically, Geoffreys is inspired by the works of Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz to name a few.

“I work with a lot of creative-types and Deb by far is one of the top pros. She’s quick, really listens to your needs and delivers with detail accordingly, always reliable and always so kind and professional. She knows her stuff. I love working with her and have already referred three companies to her!”