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September Message

By September 25, 2012Message From Deb

Hi folks! Thanks for taking the time to read! This summer has been a summer of change… we moved into our new digs on Los Molinos in August, and it sure was an eye opener! We had really poor interenet for the first two weeks and so learned how to tether our phones to our computers in order to get service. I don’t recommend it for the long haul, but it sure helped us out in a pinch! We put a little “how-to” in our tech review, so check it out if you are ever in need of getting online and there’s no wi-fi available.

We launched a few sites: The Cellar Cheese Shop and FCAR, and put in a cool slideshow for Drew Brophy’s store.

In the next few months you’ll notice a few changes to our newsletters – both Claire and Cindy will be putting their own spin on the main message. We want to make sure we showcase all of our team members as every project we do is a team effort. Gotta say, I love ’em!

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