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Message from Cindy

By Message From Cindy

Summer is over, the Fall is here, and so are the Holidays. This is always my favorite time of year here in San Clemente. The beaches and trails are not crowded, weather is nice, and everyone is getting into the Holiday spirit. November is packed with things to go see and do.

If you are looking for a new way to release tightness in your body, you have to go try one of Kim’s classes – Our November Client spotlight YBR Fitness with Kim Fitzgerald. Kim and The YB helped me while I was pregnant and had terrible SI Joint pain, she rolled me out and sent me home with a program to do on my own. My pain was gone in a week and never came back, I was able to get back to my regular pregnancy routine and now my baby also has a fun ball to play with.
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September Message

By Message From Deb

Hi folks! Thanks for taking the time to read! This summer has been a summer of change… we moved into our new digs on Los Molinos in August, and it sure was an eye opener! We had really poor interenet for the first two weeks and so learned how to tether our phones to our computers in order to get service. I don’t recommend it for the long haul, but it sure helped us out in a pinch! We put a little “how-to” in our tech review, so check it out if you are ever in need of getting online and there’s no wi-fi available.

We launched a few sites: The Cellar Cheese Shop and FCAR, and put in a cool slideshow for Drew Brophy’s store.

In the next few months you’ll notice a few changes to our newsletters – both Claire and Cindy will be putting their own spin on the main message. We want to make sure we showcase all of our team members as every project we do is a team effort. Gotta say, I love ’em!

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Tethering your phone for Internet Access

By Tech Review

In August we moved our office to a cool little funky area of town known as the Surf Ghetto. With the move, we had access to a shared internet connection, but it was just not powerful enough for us to do our web work. So with a bit of investigating, we learned how to tether our smart phones with our computers using both an Android and an iPhone.

With the iPhone, we just had to call our carrier and set up a hotspot. After that, the computer picked up the wireless connection and we were good to go. Easy peasy!

As for the Android, there was a bit more configuring to do. We had to install PdaNet on the computer we were using, plus download the app to the phone, then connect using the USB connection.

All in all, it was good for a temporary fix, but I gotta warn you, even though you could make phone calls while on the iPhone, it was an either-or for the Android. Gotta love technology!

July Message

By Message From Deb

Greetings from San Clemente! It’s been a fun summer and even more fun stuff is coming up! Have you been to the new Aquatic Center? My boys love those slides! The weather has been great, and I love the longer days.

In just a few short weeks, the Doheny Surf Festival will be here (Aug 11& 12). You can go for free to see tandem surf demos, kids exhibitions and the vendor village, and if you’re looking for a little fun music, a bunch of bands will be playing all day. If you get your tickets from July 24 through August 7th, I’ve got the inside scoop that the tickets will be even further discounted.
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The Magic Wand – Leap Motion

By Tech Review

Wish you could wave a magic wand and have your computer display what you’re thinking? Well, with Leap Motion, we’re getting close. Creating 3-D graphics, viewing maps, and giving presentations without touching your computer screen is within reach.

Take a look at the review by Christopher Mims at Technology Review – and check that video out. Well worth your time.

June Message

By Message From Deb

Message from Deb

To most of us in So Cal, June is the official kick-off to summer. Beach days with new friends, music, parties and celebrations. Seems like SCWD’s summer calendar is falling right in line with this theme.

For starters, we joined the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce last month, so you’ll probably start to see our name out around town and beyond more and more. I’m also happy to announce SCWD is giving back to our community as a proud sponsor of the Doheny Surf Festival being held August 11th-12th benefiting our local beaches and State Parks. It’s a weekend celebration jammed packed with all things food, music and art aimed at saving our beloved beaches. Stay tuned, when their website goes live you’ll be able to purchase tickets or reserve a booth for your business with online ease. And finally, I’m once again proud to announce the successful launch of a few more websites; check them out below.
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