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Yamuna Body Rolling with Kim Fitzgerald

By November 1, 2012November 11th, 2013Client Spotlight

When In Doubt . . . Roll it out! “Yamuna Body Rolling will free your body from restrictions, eliminate stress and tension, and create a calm and balanced body,” says Kim Fitzgerald, owner of YRB Fitness.

Kim worked for 17 years as massage therapist and 10 years as a holistic health practitioner. Her experience in those fields led her to where she is today, teaching Yamuna Body Rolling, a revolutionary way to care for your body.

“I’ve been a body worker for most of my life. It has always been my goal to help my client’s attain a sustainable body that functions as intended: fluid, relaxed and pain-free.” But as Kim tried to help her clients achieve their fitness goals, she became increasingly aware of what her work was doing to her own strength and flexibility.

“I started to realize that my work was beginning to take a toll on MY body.”

When Kim discovered body rolling, she knew she’d found a new method for overcoming the types of repetitive motion injuries that were common in her field. And she wanted to share this knowledge with her clients. It would allow them to achieve many of the benefits of deep-tissue massage on their own, without the assistance of a massage therapist.

“That’s why Yamuna Body Rolling is so wonderful,” says Kim. “It’s a great tool to empower my clients with tools to help themselves.”

Known as YBR, Yamuna Body Rolling was developed by Yamuna Zake as an “antidote” to traditional fitness regimens. Yamuna realized that these regimens were the cause of many of the injuries she saw in her bodywork practice. Located in New York, the flagship Yamuna studio is where Kim has received all of her formal training.

The typical Yamuna class is about 60 minutes long and combines deep-tissue massage and total body alignment techniques. Using a 6-to-10 inch ball and the dynamic power of the body, the YBR student learns simple, effective routines that enhance any fitness program.