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Client Spotlight

North Beach Kettlebell

By Client Spotlight

Look around and you’ll see a trend out there. Keep it simple and get back to the basics. The Kettlebell workout is a perfect example of that.

Have you heard of the new trend in working-out taking the workout set by storm, Kettlebell training? The kettlebell is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle on it; the design is very simple, very basic and extremely effective. The kettlebell workout can be completed within about 45 minutes and not only will you see results almost immediately, you’ll be feeling it.

San Clemente is home to one of the top Kettlebell training studios around with some of the most professionally trained instructors, North Beach Kettlebell.
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Q & A with Cecily Jones of Cecily Jones Tutoring

By Client Spotlight

Cecily Jones

Most people dread the mere thought of studying for and taking tests, especially the SAT’s. Cecily Jones, owner of Cecily Jones Tutoring is just the opposite. She actually loves it. Cecily says she’s just an over-achieving high school kid at heart.

SC Website Design: How did Cecily Jones Tutoring come to be?
Well, I worked at a corporate test-prep company for 5 years before I started to think about going freelance. I was paid 20% of what I was billed out at, and all of my clients were referrals. So I was practically giving someone else 80% of my business! I knew the business, I knew I was good and I knew I could be more successful financially by going out on my own.
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Q & A with Maria Brophy of Son of the Sea

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Local San Clemente Artist Drew Brophy has been a professional artist for over 25 years.  He says that it’s his job to “make things look cool.”   With the help of his wife and business manager,  Maria, they have developed Drew’s surf art into a powerful brand and they currently have over thirty companies that license Drew’s art for their products.

Over a decade ago, Drew and Maria formed Son of the Sea, Inc., an agency that was intended to represent ocean inspired artists.
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