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What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Website from Sharknados, a Zombie Apocalypse, or Other Imminent Disasters

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Shark in a tornadoPicture it: A routine tornado hits San Clemente, pulling gargantuan man-eating sharks from the ocean, and thrashing them upon our beautiful town. These blood-thirsty predators threaten to destroy everything you hold dear. Unfortunately, the only person who can save you is Steve Sanders from the original Beverly Hills 90210, and he’s too busy rescuing that one hot chick from American Pie (no, not the foreign exchange student; the blonde one).

So, of course, in the midst of impending tragedy, it’s only natural for your mind to rush to the one thing in the world you hold most dear: your small business website.
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Between Two Palm Trees

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between two palm trees

An Interview with Deb Foley, Founder of San Clemente Website Design

In this first edition of Between Two Palm Trees, we talk with website designer, and San Clemente resident, Deb Foley about her rampant use of WordPress, and why she wants to push it on every website owner she knows.

CONRIC: Hi Deb, welcome to Between Two Palm Trees. I hope traffic wasn’t too bad getting here, and you had no trouble finding our building.

FOLEY: We’re actually talking on the phone. I’m sitting in my own office in San Clemente.

CONRIC: Good, I’m glad to hear it. It’s always nice to see you. Anyway, I invited you here today to discuss your obsession with WordPress. Word on the street is that you’re a big fan. Can you tell me a little bit about WordPress, and why you’re so addicted to it?
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