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Protecting Your Website from Space Aliens through Encryption

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At San Clemente Website Design, we like to give you as much information as possible to protect your website – and your business – from imminent disasters. You may remember our tips for how to back-up your website in case of an attack from a vampire, zombie apocalypse or any other type of natural disaster.

As we enter 2015, we have reason to believe that there is one very real threat on the horizon that could destroy everything you hold dear: space aliens. We have it on good authority that space aliens are real and they want to destroy the Earth (Adams, Douglas. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. New York: Ballantine Books. 1979).
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What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Website from Sharknados, a Zombie Apocalypse, or Other Imminent Disasters

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Shark in a tornadoPicture it: A routine tornado hits San Clemente, pulling gargantuan man-eating sharks from the ocean, and thrashing them upon our beautiful town. These blood-thirsty predators threaten to destroy everything you hold dear. Unfortunately, the only person who can save you is Steve Sanders from the original Beverly Hills 90210, and he’s too busy rescuing that one hot chick from American Pie (no, not the foreign exchange student; the blonde one).

So, of course, in the midst of impending tragedy, it’s only natural for your mind to rush to the one thing in the world you hold most dear: your small business website.
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Isaura Garner, Fashion Designer

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Isaura GarnerSan Clemente-based fashion designer Isaura Garner is a fun, happy and passionate person. Her women’s clothing line exudes these qualities. Luckily, for the team at San Clemente Website Design, she entrusted us to make sure her website is just as colorful, bold and professional as she is.

The inspiration for Isaura’s clothing line comes from her native Costa Rica and is reflected in the bright, tropical colors of the fabrics she uses as well as the soft, flowing style of her designs. Her love affair with fashion started in high school when, through fashion magazines, she fell in love with Valentino, Versace and other high-end designers.

“I would look through these magazines, as a teenager, and say to myself, ‘this is what I want to do. I want to make these beautiful clothes,’” she says. “I wanted to bring that sophisticated level of fashion to the everyday woman with clothing that mixes comfort and style.”
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Client Spotlight: The FCAR

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The Foundation to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance

Charlene Reed found her life’s calling in the midst of tragedy. In September 2010, her longtime boyfriend, Mike, developed a staph infection during a routine surfing session near the couple’s San Clemente home. Charlene rushed Mike to the hospital where they discovered that, in a matter of hours, the infection had caused abscesses on Mike’s spinal cord, as well as renal and pulmonary failure.

The infection Mike contracted is called Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. This terrible type of staph infection is very resilient to most antibiotics and is constantly staying steps ahead of science by developing new resistances. Mike got lucky; doctors were able to save his life with emergency surgery on his spinal cord. His outstanding physical fitness and good health also played a role. However, Mike, who had enjoyed an active lifestyle of surfing and competing in vigorous outrigger canoe racing, would be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.

For the next two years, as Mike received medical treatment and rehabilitation in an assisted-living facility, Charlene threw herself into learning all she could about antimicrobial resistant infections. What she found was staggering. Read More