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Tethering your phone for Internet Access

By September 25, 2012Tech Review

In August we moved our office to a cool little funky area of town known as the Surf Ghetto. With the move, we had access to a shared internet connection, but it was just not powerful enough for us to do our web work. So with a bit of investigating, we learned how to tether our smart phones with our computers using both an Android and an iPhone.

With the iPhone, we just had to call our carrier and set up a hotspot. After that, the computer picked up the wireless connection and we were good to go. Easy peasy!

As for the Android, there was a bit more configuring to do. We had to install PdaNet on the computer we were using, plus download the app to the phone, then connect using the USB connection.

All in all, it was good for a temporary fix, but I gotta warn you, even though you could make phone calls while on the iPhone, it was an either-or for the Android. Gotta love technology!